sage painting and updating my website

I was sick of my old website so I've decided to rework some of my old content and start fresh. I'll be slowly incorporating some of the older posts from my old site, as well as adding in new fresh ideas and content for you guys. I've sort of always wanted to create a space where I could post about all the things that I love and that inspire me - art, food, photos, Dash and tid bits from my daily life.

In the past three years my life has changed so much and I'd like a place where I can keep some of those memories and share them with you. I want to write about being a mom, and a business owner; I want to share my artwork and creative projects as well as random things that I find fun and interesting. Mostly, I want a space for me, where I can share my thoughts and ideas. I know this will be very different from what I have traditionally posted about, but I'm excited none-the-less! 

DSC_0019 8_Fotor_edited.jpg
sage 2_edited.jpg
sage 3_edited_edited.jpg
sage 5_edited.jpg


[Original Caption] : Sometimes I find that completing a small illustration refreshes my mind. When I'm working on a big project, taking the time to do something like this reenergizes me. 

Now, back to that big project...